I’m a self-taught, freelance artist who specializes in photography, illustration and 3D rendering. I have been creating both digital and traditional art professionally for more than ten years now.

Born to an artistic family (my mother was an artist for Hallmark; my father was an Architectural Illustrator), I grew up exposed to art and artists of all kind. Drawing was the first basic skill I learned, and over time I developed a passion for digital creations.

In 2005 from my Brooklyn apartment, I created an image of my cat suspended in gravity – and it went viral. This was a year before the internet’s LOLCat phenomenon, and I like to think that “Gravity Cat” helped propel this silly online trend. I’ve been addicted to Photoshop ever since.

Two years later I founded Renderplex, a real estate marketing business, and more recently OverCities, a platform centered around state-of-the-art 3D aerial imagery captured by aircraft and with a custom camera rig that I designed and developed.

Making art is at my core, and I strive to deliver only the best, on time and with a cherry on top.

Get in touch and let’s talk about how I can help you.