September 4th, 2014
Kialara Coins Shipping Info & Updates


By tomorrow, all Signature Series pieces ordered will have been shipped. Labyrinths also. The auction for ‘Elevatorexcavator 1″ will go live later this week. I will send out an email notification.


On Monday the 8th I began shipping the Signature Series pieces. I have shipped units out every day this week, and will continue to work on these throughout the weekend, with the goal of fulfilling all orders by the 22nd.

Please check back for updates here, or on the official bitcointalk thread located here:


All parts for the signature series have arrived and look great. I’ve started assembly today, and these will begin shipping next week. This week I have been working on 1BTC silvers and these will be shipping Monday/Tuesday of next week. Labyrinths will begin shipping the following week – I’ve started on these also.

The auctions for the original paintings will be bumped forward a week or two. I will update here soon and send out an email also with the new dates.


Wanted to update everyone. The signature series pieces are now scheduled to begin shipping the last week of this month, so a week or so behind schedule. Everything has arrived or has shipped minus part of the steel housings, and I was told these will be shipping soon. Thank you to those of you who purchased the labyrinths and helped @changetip reach their goal. I will try to get most of these orders shipped before the end of the month. I’ll have a more detailed update in ten days. Hope everyone is having a good new year!


With the exception of the new Signature Series, all orders have shipped. I plan to reopen sales for my other designs January 10th, 2016.


Sorry for the late update. I’m still filling a handful of orders from soon after I reopened sales. I’m close to completing this next batch and that will fill most orders. Things began to get a little complicated b/c people are still purchasing my older designs so I’m constantly changing up my work station – there are lots of different parts for each design – many different sized screws, different drill bits, etc. I should be posting a shipping update in the next day or two. I ran into an additional issue with some of the engraved plates which I resolved, but it set me back another time. Getting there. Thank you again, Max.

P.S. I may be temporarily suspending sales soon for a month or so while I get more organized and build up some inventory. Also I’m putting the final touches on a new concept – to be released soon.


Parts arrived. All outstanding orders will ship by Friday.


I received a tracking # from my supplier and goods are en route! Should have all outstanding orders shipped next week.


My supplier shared that the goods have been completed, but will not ship until tomorrow (Monday) due to a holiday. I have boxes labeled and ready to ship. Coins are assembled. Just waiting for these steel housings. My apologies to those waiting. It won’t be much longer.

Note from my supplier:

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Coins waiting to be shipped:

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There was a delay with the new steel housings. I was told this evening that they will ship to me this Wednesday, the 30th. All coins have been assembled, and I’ll share a pic tomorrow. If you are waiting on a 2014 Kialara, it will ship tomorrow. Thanks everyone.


If you are currently awaiting shipment of your order(s): I have the coins assembled. I’m waiting on a new shipment of the steel housings. I have ones in stock I could use, however I’m not satisfied with the quality. They have small blemishes. (I’ve used up all the grade ‘A’ parts) The new plates should arrive by the end of the week. Just trying to keep quality consistent.

Thank you.


By the end of this week I will have shipped all 1BTC Golds. This is my first update posted in some time as I’ve been emailing updates fairly regularly. If yours is one of several orders partially filled, I should have the remaining pieces shipped out by the weeks end as well. As always, thank you everyone for being patient with me.


Continuing work on the 1BTC pieces this weekend, with plans to ship another 30 or so on Monday. The keys are all behind holograms now so production will begin to pick up. It’s placing the front/back holograms precisely that is the most time-consuming part of assembly, and I decided to knock them all out this past week.


30 1BTC pieces shipping today. These are considerably more work to assemble than the aluminum units. The reflective metals of the base, plates and rings require meticulous cleaning throughout the many steps of assembly. I’m going to do my best to get all orders out as quickly as possible, but I would guess it will be the end of the month before they have all shipped. I’ll post an update soon to give an idea of when to expect your order based on your time of purchase. Thanks everyone.


Here’s my progress so far on the 1BTC pieces.

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My goal is to have the 27 coins pictured behind glass and shipped by Friday before moving on to the next batch this weekend. One issue that is slowing me down: the steel plates have some oils left on them from the manufacturing process that is time-consuming to gently clean/polish off. They did arrive cleaned, just not to my liking.

I’ll post another update Friday. Thanks everyone.


I’m currently at the halfway point on a large batch of 100 coins which I plan to have shipped out around the middle of next week. This will cover all late December orders, and up to January 15th. Orders placed January 16th thru March 2nd will be part of the next batch, and will ship two weeks. There is currently a 3 week processing time for all new orders. Thanks everyone.


Hey everyone, wanted to provide another update. In the last two weeks I have shipped out 70 Kialara Labyrinths and 90 Kialara Originals. I am on track to have all eBay orders finished this weekend and shipped out on Monday. I’m also caught up with all but the most recent orders for the 2014 Originals, so I will be working all next week on the Labyrinths.

Thank you again to everyone for being patient with me. When I build these I’m certainly not racing the clock. This is sensative information I’m handling and I treat it as such.

I also noticed today that feedback on the 2015’s has started coming in. I’ve received some great emails also. If you’re one of these people and you’re reading this: Thanks!

Twenty labyrinths shipped today – 40 thru 60. Will continue shipping every day this week.

Twenty more 2014’s shipped today. This covers all orders placed on or before February 9th. I will be working primarily on shipping 2015’s over the next week, and will get as many out tomorrow as possible. Will also be working this weekend.

Labyrinths 08 thru 39 shipped as of today. Twenty 2014’s also shipped today. More going out each day this week, with the goal of having shipped all eBay purchases by Friday, and the rest of the Labyrinth orders by the end of next week.

2015 Kialara Labyrinths will begin shipping tomorrow. I should have the first 30 or 40 shipped by Friday, and my goal is to have all orders out by the end of next week. I have some 2014’s shipping out this week also if you are still waiting on yours to arrive.

Here’s a look at the new plates:

Tracking info received for the engraved metal plates I’ve been waiting on. Hoping for Friday/Saturday delivery, although Monday is more likely. Kialara Labyrinth’s are on schedule to begin shipping next week. Orders for 2014 Kialara Originals placed before February 1st will be shipping late this week, early next.

Orders for 2014 coins placed prior to January 18th (including international orders) are all shipping out tomorrow. 

Please see the 4th comment down for an update on 2015 Kialara Labyrinths.

I’m sad to report that the 2015 Kialara Labyrinth’s will not begin shipping this week as scheduled. I have started production, but I’m still awaiting shipment of the new bottom plates that read:

In December, I was assured by my most reliable supplier that I would have these plates on the 10th of January. The pieces were completed on Friday, and I was told that they had shipped. Late last night I received news that they had not shipped as they did not pass Quality Control. Here is the message from my supplier:

They are now working to have these completed and expedited this Friday – so if all goes well I will begin shipping next week. I know there was a slight delay on shipments for my first coin, so I was really wanting to get these out on schedule – and I’m learning this can be a challenge when dealing with numerous suppliers.

Orders placed on or before January 6th for 2014 coins have all shipped. If you ordered on the 7th or later, your coin(s) will ship early next week.

Production on the 2015 Kialara Labyrinth coins has started, although these will not begin shipping until the end of next week as I am still waiting on the engraved plates that read – These shipped today, and I will receive them early next week. Please check back here on Monday for an update. Thanks everyone.

Hope everyone had a good holiday season. I have 50 more (2014) units shipping tomorrow – originally scheduled for late last week. I recently moved into a larger studio where I feel I can be more productive. This set me back a few days.

75 coins are nearly complete. 50 will ship on Monday, and 25 more mid-week. I will look into expedited shipping options for the international orders with the goal of getting them delivered by Christmas. Yesterday was the cutoff date for pre-Christmas delivery on international orders. Thanks everyone!

50 coins were shipped out last Thursday/Friday, and I am finishing another 100 that will all ship tomorrow. If you received an email this weekend, your coin(s) have shipped. Orders placed in the last 7 days will ship near the end of the week. Please check back here for updates.

100 coins shipped today. Starting on next 100.

100 coins are packed and will ship tomorrow. Post office was closed today for Veteran’s day.

Orders placed between September 7th and October 19th will ship early next week. I had planned on these shipping this week, however when I opened a new box of the rings that hold the artwork into the coin, I discovered they were too thin around the edges. They would have worked but it was important to me to get it right. I rush ordered the replacement rings and they arrived today. I will be working throughout the weekend to get caught up. I have ordered enough pieces to complete the series so that I don’t run into this problem again.

Furthermore, I sent out a few dozen emails last week letting buyers know their coins were shipping, but I tallied a few international orders as 1 coin each, when they were 5 and 10 coin orders. This means a few of you who ordered on October 7th will need to wait until next week. As always, thank you for your patience.

25 coins shipped yesterday, and 25 more today. If you ordered before September 7th your coin(s) have shipped. Half of the orders placed on September 7th have also shipped. My goal is to have all current orders shipped by the end of next week. Currently a two-week wait for all new orders.

50 coins shipped today, 50 more will go out tomorrow. Production on next 100 started.

The 100 coins I am working on will all ship next week – then I will begin the next 100, which will cover all orders currently placed.

50 coins shipped today.

10/05/2014 1am
50 coins shipped last week, and I have another 50 packed that will ship out on Monday. (did not make it to the Post Office Friday)

Including eBay orders, 290 coins were ordered on August 20th, (many orders of QTY 5, 10, etc.) and as of Monday these will have all been shipped.

The first 10 coins ordered on the 21st are packed and will ship Monday, and this was one order placed at 12:01am — If this was not you, and you ordered between Aug. 21st and Aug. 27th, your order will ship October 13th – in 7 days.

Orders placed between August 28th and Oct. 5th will ship October 20th – in 15 days.

This morning I timed the assembly of one coin from start to finish and clocked in at 44 minutes. 300 x 44 minutes = 220 hours I have spent on assembly thus far, not including time spent answering emails, sorting, packing, shipping, etc. Again, thank you for your patience. I’m as anxious to catch up as I’m sure you all are to receive your orders.

I’ve received some very nice emails from those who have received their coins already -THANK YOU- and check out the great feedback that has been coming in here:

100 units nearly complete. All will ship this week. These coins were mostly purchased on August 20th. The next 100 units will cover purchases between August 21st and September 7th.

Working on the next 100 pieces. The previous 100 have all shipped.

09/22/2014 – 12:30am
100 coins finished and will be putting behind glass & shipping 1/2 of these tomorrow, and 1/2 on Tuesday, and should get another 100 out next Monday.

If you ordered on the 21st of August or later, your orders will begin shipping next Monday.

09/18/2014 – 12:30am
On schedule to ship coins #101-200 on Monday, and I plan to ship a minimum of 100/week each week following.

Not including the eBay orders (all have now shipped) around 200 additional coins were ordered on the August 20th release date. Orders placed on or after August 21st will begin to ship on the 29th – about a week behind schedule.

Thank you again for your patience — and to those who have received their coins, thanks for the excellent feedback I have been getting. I will continue to fulfill all orders as quickly as possible. — photos courtesy of nicolasgramlich

Working on coins 101-200 today, all is going well – will try and post an ETA on these tomorrow in relation to dates of purchase. Stay tuned.

All eBay orders have shipped.

Coins 65-100 nearly complete. Will ship out on Monday. Coinbase & Paypal orders to follow.

09/12/2014 – 1am
Coins 51-64 completed will ship in the morning. More to ship tomorrow afternoon.

Coins 41-50 shipped.

Coins 17 – 40 shipped. 41-50 are one order and will go out tomorrow.

Coins Shipped
09, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16

Working to speed up the process of assembly & packaging/labeling. I will be working nights & weekends to get all orders out as fast as possible, and will continue to post updates here. Tracking numbers will not be provided as the time it takes to post them is time I can spend on production. I do have all tracking info available if any issues should arise.

Ideally I will be shipping out 20 coins/day by early next week. Asking me for shipping updates and estimated ETA will only work to slow down all orders. Your patience is greatly appreciated.

For cyrus @ bitcointalk: 
“My account ‘Kialara’ has been hacked/lost. Please reset the email to The current date is December 12th, 2017.”

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